Topgolf Callaway
Next-Generation Ball Dispenser
Topgolf sought out IN2 Innovation for their design and engineering expertise. The challenge: To elevate their already top-tier golfing experience with a complete overhaul of the dispenser system. During the course of this project I was responsible for late-stage accessory ideation, product experience storyboards, CMF and final visualization up through production.
At the time, the existing ball dispenser was essentially a sheet metal box that spit out golf balls. Topgolf wanted to integrate a display into the machine so users wouldn't have to turn around and look back at a TV behind them whenever they were playing AR golf games like Angry Birds.
Topgolf had already worked out a general "wedge" shaped architecture, so a large percent of the project involved engineering and execution to prep for full scale production. With much of the ID work already in place, my role primarily consisted of isolated iteration tasks such as accessory ideation. Later, as the project progressed, I was primarily responsible for CMF ideation and visualization.
Once the final engineering was underway, I created a number of CMF variations, integrating elements from Topgolf's brand guidelines into the overall look of the product.
Final Design Overview
An embedded large screen provides a live visualization of Topgolf's proprietary ball-tracking technology, Toptracer
The angles were designed to guide errant balls away from the Guests, minimizing the chance of injury
An LED ring blinks to indicate when a ball is on the way
Interlocking exterior panels allow for individual replacement and recycling as needed
The dispenser bridges the digital and physical worlds
Interactive LED lighting elements display a variety of colors and can be adjusted according to game states
CMF Visualization
As the designer in charge of visuals on this project, I created renderings at various stages in order to clearly communicate form and finish decisions to the client. Once the project was in production, I also crafted a series of final images for submission to design awards. In 2022 we received two IDEA awards for our efforts!

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