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I am an Industrial Designer based in Austin, TX, with over five years of experience in the field. I have a Bachelor of Industrial Design (BID) from Auburn University and a background in visual fine arts from my time spent at Virginia Tech.
Most recently, I completed a five-year stint at IN2 Innovation. While there, I held titles such as Senior Industrial Designer and later Industrial Design Manager, leading a small core team at the Austin location.
I am fortunate to have worked at a consultancy offering a wide range of design services. While I cannot share details of many projects I've done at IN2 due to numerous NDAs and MSAs, here is an overview of some of the skills I've built up while there:
Tactical ID
Over the years, I've had many opportunities to develop physical products with mechanical and electrical engineering partners. Out of all the many specialties, traditional/tactical ID is my favorite design discipline. I am excited to bring a stronger focus to tactical work during the next phase of my career.
VBL Development
I've worked on numerous VBL, branding, and form-giving initiatives across several industries. In 2022 I helped bring to close a massive VBL program that spanned multiple business units and encompassed everything from commercial equipment to high-touch consumer products. Due to this extreme product diversity, crafting a cohesive strategy that felt authentic to the brand was challenging, but we did it! I am excited to share more on this in the future when products start to roll out.
Product Ecosystems
I've helped build several product ecosystem projects at various stages. In 2019 I helped develop a revolutionary home system that sought to transform several complex domestic activities into a much more enjoyable experience. These systems often featured multiple IOT hardware devices communicating with a cloud platform.
Service Design
Occasionally, projects I've worked on have included a service component (especially in the ecosystems and UX/UI design categories). I've had extensive experience interpreting research, building out customer journey maps, and creating illustrated storyboards to communicate the service experience.
I've helped build several physical products with screens (as well as a mobile app). In doing so, I've gained experience with UX/UI design processes. In 2022, I worked on two separate interface design projects for beverage dispensers.
Experience Design
Sometimes designed experiences don't quite fit under the umbrella of Service/UX Design, and I've worked on a number of such projects. Recently I was involved with several retail experience programs. The scope and scale of imagery required for these projects necessitated using Blender (rather than Keyshot). This was well outside IN2's wheelhouse, but with my knowledge of the software, we exceeded the clients expectations.
It's always a treat to hear the stories and experiences of the people whose lives are shaped by the products we make. I've had the pleasure of working on numerous research initiatives, some involving upwards of 30 or more participants. In every case, the wealth of knowledge gathered has been invaluable.
Towards the end of my time at IN2, I began to take on increasingly larger strategic initiatives. Many of these programs involved solving internal challenges for the client. These problems were often several layers removed from consumers or physical products. The key was in carefully aligning the desires of various internal stakeholders and crafting a cohesive strategy around those ideals.
Process Development
My experience with developing new and effective strategies allowed me to look inward at the company and find processes that could be documented, scrutinized and evolved. With my background in visual art, I was able to bring a fresh approach to the way sketches and renderings were made at IN2, establishing a written standard for both. I also co-developed a new rapid product development process catered to entrepreneurs, dubbed APEX.
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